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best of myspace

One of our freshest tracks ‘Winstons Epilogue’ has been featured as ‘best of myspace’ on the current episode. I think the title of the podcast speaks for itself.

best of myspace


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Tattoo Sound + Music

We had a quick mention on the blog from the guys of the production company ‘Tattoo Sound + Music. The mention was short and sweet, best of all we were referenced to the Klaxons – being massive fans we quite like that.

Tattoo Sound and Music

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Band Of The Week – Dazed Digital (Dazed & Confused Magazine)

Being one of our favorite magazines we were very excited to be featured as ‘Band Of The Week’ by Dazed Digital.

To be honest we kind of made a fool out of ourselves as we stumbled through the interview on the top floor of a pub in Dalston. Read it and make up your mind what parts we were taking the piss and what parts we weren’t (if any at all). The song featured was a demo of 6174 (available to check out on the MySpace now).

Dazed Digital

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Don’t Wait Animate, animation

I guess it would be wrong if we didn’t treat you to a little bit of animation as  after all we are Don’t Wait Animate! The name of the demo is ‘Artimus & Arrows’.

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Catch up and Diesel:U:Music Radio

Last year was crazy year for DWA, our line changed so many times before we finally settled (sorry about that). We managed to record our first proper EP, ‘Coming Of….’  that was met with rave reviews, especially in Berlin.I guess one of fondest moments of 08 was when were asked to take control of the airwaves & also perform for Diesel:U:Music Radio.

Bex and Joe presented the show featuring The Ruskins, Lucy Lawrence and of course, us! Don’t Wait Animate. Tak played a cute little drum during our acoustic tracks at the close of the show.


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DJ Set with some dressing up

DWA Promo

Over the weekend we did a 80s themed house party gig, covering Devo – Whip It. Before everything got a tad messy we had some press shots done for a little music magazine, thanks to Chris Hughes. Tak went for the RUN DMC look, Edd the moody Morrisery, Joe hum…? Who knows and me Bex kinda Toyer Wilcox. More photos

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The start of something special…

Hello Dont Wait Animate fans!

So glad you could join us on the start of our journey.

We are very much in a state of mystery.

Gigs are a mystery,

What music and what instruments we should is a mystery,

Will you like our music… That’s the biggest mystery of all…

We need your help in order to master these mysteries. Come along and be part of our journey.

It  starts now.

Stay animated.

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